• 1.) Where is your FOB seaport ?

    Usually, our FOB seaport is: Shen zhen, China or Ning Bo, China;
  • 2.) Where is your FOB airport?

    Usually, our FOB airport is: Shenzhen, Guang Zhou, Ning Bo, or Shang Hai, and sometimes will be Hong Kong;
  • 3.) Do you supply free samples?

    Yes, we supply free samples for almost all items, but no include these items: active shutter 3D glasses, stereoscopic 3D viewer, 3D projector lens, 3D cinema kit, ultrosonic 3D cleaner;
  • 4.) Do i need to pay sample delivery cost?

    If you had already worked together with us yet, then we will bear the delivery cost for you. But if you are new client, then you will had to bear sample delivery cost by your side.
  • 5.) How to get your samples?

    1.) Tell us your company name, detailed address, postal code no., Tel no., Fax no., and receipt person name? 2.) Inform us your DHL("97***" or "98***") or FEDEX account no. for freight charges recollect; 3.) If you do not have above accounts, then contact your local delivery agent, and ask them to collect samples from us directly; 4.) Or pay delivery cost into our Paypal account, then we help you to pay from our side;
  • 6.) What is your payment terms?

    1.) For big amounts, we only accept by T/T or Western Union; 2.) For small amounts, such as: sample cost, and sample delivery cost, you could pay to our Paypal account;
  • 7.) Can you print my logo on the plastic glasses?

    Yes, we can.
  • 8.) Can you print my artworks on the paper glasses or paper binoculars?

    Yes, we can.
  • 9.) Can you produce custom model shape of paper glasses?

    Yes, we can.
  • 10.) How long is your lead time?

    Usually, our lead time is in 15-30 days after receipt client's deposit and printing artworks.
  • 11.) Why your lead time for small quantity paper glasses is same as big quantity?

    Though it is small quantity, the production procedures is same as big quantity and could not be omitted. So the time to produce 5,000pcs or 50,000pcs paper glasses is almost same.
  • 12.) How long is your sample time with custom printing?

    It will take about 10 days after receipt your sample cost and printing artworks.
  • 13.) What is your MOQ for paper cyan red 3D glasses?

    5,000pcs for no printing item, and 10,000pcs for printing item.
  • 14.) How to contact your company?

    You could contact us by Telephone, Mobile, Fax, Skype and E-mail.
  • 15.) In my first contact, what messages you need from me?

    1.) What is your company name,company address,postal code No.,Tel No.,Fax No.,Mobile No.,and homepage? 2.) Which model No. you need,and your order quantity of each model? 3.) Your packing requirement? 4.) Would you like to deliver by airplane or vessel? 5.) Where is your nearest international airport name or seaport name? Above messages are oftenly we would ask our new customers at the beginning,so it would be better to give us these messages at your first email.
  • 16.) Does your paper glasses frame is universal?

    Yes, our paper glasses frame are universal. You could choose any one of them, and tell us the model no.? Then we will use it to produce the item you need for you. For example, if you are interested in one model shape of "paper cyan red 3d glasses", but you want "paper linear polarized 3d glasses". Then pls tell us the model no. of "paper cyan red 3d glasses", and we will use this model to produce "paper linear polarized 3d glasses" for you.
  • 17.) Does your plastic glasses frame is universal?

    Yes, for normal plastic glasses, their frames are universal.